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When you decide to foster a child, it means you have the child’s best interest, and you want them to have a better life than what they are currently facing. However, to be a successful foster parent, you need to develop the following attributes.

What Makes a Good Foster Parent

Be Patient

Taking care of a child you’ve never stayed with can be a bit challenging if you are not patient. Some kids come with more baggage, and they may take time to adapt to your parenting system. This is why you need to exercise patience as you mold the child into becoming a better person.

Be Empathetic

Some children go through a lot of trauma when growing up. Sometimes, you can get a child who is still going through traumatic moments, and this is where you need to show empathy. At this point, the child needs love and not rebuke. Embrace the child with kindness and assure them of your support and compassion.

Be Flexible

When planning to become a foster parent, things may not go the way you expect. You may encounter multiple challenges trying to bond with the child and understand their character. For instance, the child may want to spend free time alone in an enclosed place, but you may not be comfortable with this. In this case, you need to be flexible and slowly learn the child’s behavior as you devise ways to help the child.

Be Calm

While you may want a peaceful and quiet environment, things may turn out the opposite of what you expect. A foster child may be hyper, moving up and down, scattering things, and probably causing chaos in the house. In such a situation, you need to remain calm as you find a solution to help the child calm down. Being irritated by the child’s behavior can throw you off balance, making the child feel uncomfortable.


If you plan to become a foster parent and want to learn tips to become a better parent, get in touch with us today, and we will be glad to walk with you through the journey.