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There are many children in Texas foster care who need a great foster parent. Here are four ways to be an amazing foster care parent to a child in need.

Female foster parent laughing with foster child in living room.


Children coming into foster care may present all kinds of special needs and issues. It is important to be patient with these children and understand that it may take some time for them to warm up to you enough to learn to trust you. If you can be patient with these children, you will certainly reap the rewards.


Many children in foster care have not had consistency in their lives. Being a consistent source of support is vital to your success as a foster parent. Children want to know that they can count on you to be there for them through any situation. Show the children you mean business by being there for them through both happy and trying times. If you can be a consistent source of support, your foster care children will definitely thank you for that.


It is necessary that you maintain a warm and opening demeanor to your foster child at all times. This will allow your foster child to start trusting you enough to see you as an ally in their growth and development. You never want to appear cold and distant from the child as that will turn them off from trusting you and wanting to be around you.


Foster care children may have special behavioral needs. Regardless, adjustments will have to be made when a child enters your life. You want to be able to be flexible in order to meet the demands of your foster child to show them that you truly care about making them happy.

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