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Every child deserves a chance at life. Some may take a warm home, caring parents, stability, and food for granted. A child in foster care knows first hand, these things are not always available.

On a basic level, there are several key things that help a child in foster care thrive. These are simple keys, that don’t cost a thing, that anyone can offer a child in their life. Foster children, especially, will yearn for these.


Routine, structure, and stability are a very important key to a confident and settled child. Children like routines. They succeed when they know what is planned and what will happen next. Often, a child in foster care is coming from a home life that was lacking in these categories, or was disrupted by an event or situation.

Returning the child to a planned routine and providing structure to their day is a wonderful key to a successful transition. At times, this will not be easy. Perseverance is key, knowing that it takes time for any child to make adjustments, even the positive kind. They will test new boundaries and parameters, but this is normal.

Children are resilient and will settle down with structure and routine back in their life.

A child in foster care reading a book on the couch

Boy reading a book on the couch.

Someone Who Cares

Humans seek out love. Tragedy, abuse, neglect, and violence are an unfortunate reality for many children. It’s a reality that is hard to fathom, but we can offer these children love and nurturing. We can show love, even if it is not returned at first. Be patient, we do not completely know the shoes these kids have walked in. We all deserve someone who cares, who loves and who supports us. Foster kids deserve this, too. Don’t underestimate the impact your caring action has on that one life.

A Vision For Their Future

Not all kids dream about what they’ll be when they grow up. Their focus is on their next meal, keeping warm or staying out of harm’s way. It’s your duty to build a vision for these kids. Point out what they’re great at, the skills they have and the potential you see in them. One person believing in them can make a difference in their entire future. Be that person! Have a vision for them and share it with them. Tell them those things about themselves that they can’t yet see.

Learn More About How to Help a Child in Foster Care

You can make a difference in the life of a child in foster care. Your actions do matter.

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