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Anyone who has ever considered becoming a foster parent has probably had many questions. You may have wondered what the task would be like? What are foster children like? Will you have to go to court? Do you meet the birth parents? How long will the foster child stay with you? And if they do stay for a long time, will your heart be broken if (or when) the foster child leaves? A foster parent holds a unique position in the life of the child. It requires a special kind of family to take on a foster child. These 3 distinct characteristics will help you provide a nurturing environment for the child.

Unconditional Love

nurturing foster family

Happy foster family having a nice summer day.

Foster children have been through a lot of ups and downs. Their lives have been unstable. Being removed from your family no matter what the reason is traumatic and heart-wrenching. These children need unconditional love no matter what they say or do. They need to know that no matter what happens, a foster home is a safe place where love, warmth, and safety reign.


It’s important to stick with the foster child who comes into your home. Whether it is for a week or a year, your commitment will mean a lot to their growth and stability. Often times, family units cannot be reunified, and you may have the opportunity to keep a foster child long term. Before you begin your journey as a foster parent, make sure you have the are dedicated to stick with it, because a child’s heart is at stake.

Inner Strength

You will need a great deal of inner strength to perform the task of a foster parent. Sometimes you will need that strength to deal with challenges the child faces. Other times you may need to be resilient when it comes time to endure difficult court battles or dealings with birth families. You don’t know what all will be involved. Most of these children come from chaotic backgrounds. But you’ll need the most strength when a child you’ve come to love must leave your home. That is a difficult day. However, you can find strength knowing that you have played an instrumental role in making that child’s life a better, happier one.

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