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Coming into a new home is always scary for a misplaced child. They are no longer in the home of their biological parents, and they are in dire need of stability in their life. As the child grows and develops, it’s essential that they receive love and support from the adults in their life, and deciding to foster makes you a critical member of their world. When they enter a new home, they need welcoming by people they can trust, and it’s your responsibility to provide that type of security for them.

Here are a few essential conversations to have once your foster child arrives.

foster child playing outdoors with foster father

Playing outdoors.

“I am on your side”

The foster care system isn’t easy for any child. They have been taken from the only family they know and have been passed from location to location before making it to your home. This transitional period can be rough psychologically as they adapt so frequently without the promise of stability. As a foster parent, it’s essential to have a discussion with them that you are on their side, and all you want is for them to have the best life they can under current conditions. It’s important to tell them you are on their side, and that you will do what you can to provide for them and give them what they need.

“You are safe here”

Did you know children who feel unsafe at home lack the ability to control their emotions? Safety in the home is the very first step to developing emotional control as the lack of stability can cause mood swings and the inability to cope with strong emotions. Once a foster child arrives at your home, they need to feel safe, or they will not be able to develop naturally as a child should, and it’s your responsibility as a foster parent to provide the safest environment you can.

“Just try your best”

All children need encouragement to flourish, and foster children sometimes cannot thrive if the instability in their lives is drastic. While they’re under your roof, it’s important to stress that they are good enough as long as they are putting in their best effort each day. Some days might be difficult, especially if they’re having issues expressing their emotions. A great foster parent will have the patience and understanding to be there for the child and promote putting in their all every day even if their wins are small. They’re still worth mentioning.

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A foster child can sometimes feel like their life is a rollercoaster that never ends. While they’re in your care, it’s essential to ensure they are protected and uplifted to the best of your ability. One person can make a significant difference in a child’s life. If you want to learn more about what you can do, contact us for more information and advice.