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Ask any foster family and you will know that fostering is very hard, but worth the effort. Fostering a child is not for everyone and that is okay. However, everyone can support foster families in their community by meeting short-term and long-term needs. Here are some practical things you can do to support these families when they first get their placement and further down the road.

Short-Term Support

Bring Meals

mother feeding foster child at table with food from support group

Happy mother feeding her foster child while having lunch in dining room.

Bringing a fresh meal can be a huge help to the new foster parents. The parents will be focusing on their new family member and not having to think about what’s for dinner will be a huge relief. Set up a Meal Train with friends or even collect a stack of gift cards to restaurants that deliver.

Clean the House

Just like new foster parents do not want to worry about dinner, they probably don’t want to worry about keeping their house clean when focusing on their new child. Offer to come in to clean the house from top to bottom while they are away. Perhaps set up a rotation with a group of friends so the new parents don’t need to worry about cleaning for the first few weeks.

Run Errands

There are so many appointments for new foster parents and their child. They can range from medical appointments to court dates. Offer to run some of the simpler errands, like grocery shopping, so they can focus on the most urgent ones

Long-Term Support


Fostering is hard no matter how you package it. Providing a non-judgmental ear to your friends can help them process all their emotions and frustrations while giving their best love and care to the child.

Get Background Checked

In order to provide childcare or respite care for the foster family, you will most likely need to be background checked. Go ahead and get that done so you can be ready and willing to provide care when it is needed.

Encourage Date Nights

Foster care can be hard on a marriage. Encourage your friends to spend some time alone in order to reconnect. Take the pressure of childcare off their shoulders by being the babysitter, if allowed.

Learn More About Supporting Foster Families

You will be amazed at what one person can do to support a new foster family. Learn more about how you can be that support when you contact us.