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If you’re eating more meals at home lately, turn this time into an opportunity to teach your foster child basic cooking skills. It’s difficult to be sure what the future holds. However, at least one thing is certain. Kids who feel confident in the kitchen will be better prepared for adult living.

What’s so special about cooking skills? Preparing meals at home is a proven way to eat healthier and lose excess weight. When you control the ingredients, it’s a lot easier to avoid excess sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. Being a whiz in the kitchen also helps with saving money and feeling accomplished. Here are 3 easy ways to get started.

3 Easy Ways to Teach Your Foster Child Basic Cooking Skills

Make It Fun

Look for ways to make meal preparation more entertaining. Watch cooking shows and videos. Plan menus with interesting themes like Ethiopian recipes or dishes based on The Lord of the Rings movies. Post your best creations on Instagram for family and friends to admire. You may have such a good time that you wind up enjoying cooking more yourself.

Be Practical

Your foster child will probably be more enthusiastic if you cook stuff they love eating. You can also guide them towards skills that will come in handy when they’re older. That might include roasting vegetables and making stock for soups. Bake pizza with healthy toppings, and show them how to make omelets and hard-boiled eggs.

Take Turns

Teaching is one of the most effective methods of learning. Ask your foster child to tell you about the best meal they ever had or a dish they loved when they were younger. Help them research how to make it, so that they can share it with you.


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