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In Texas, approximately 12,000 children are a part of the foster care system. Recent laws are improving the system, but foster parents are the most important ally of these children. Becoming a foster parent is an immensely rewarding experience. Your life will be forever changed as will the life of the child you help. However, becoming a foster parent is challenging. Finding the right education and support is essential. Whether you are already a foster parent or are considering entering the system, these resources will be helpful in your journey.

resources for foster parents and children

Helping a child with homework.

Texas Foster Care Association

The Texas Foster Care Association (TFCA) has worked for over four decades to provide support resources for children in foster care and the families who help, support, and love them. TFCA hopes to offer support and education to all families involved in the foster system. This includes foster parents, adoptive parents, and kinship parents. The association offers both online and in-person training and conferences. The website provides online forums, newsletters, and social media groups for parents to connect and share information. A resource guide is also available which is divided by region.

Texas Family Initiative

The Texas Family Initiative (TFI) is a not-for-profit organization partnered with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. TFI recruits foster families, provides training, and offers resources for foster parents and families. Additionally, the resource page includes links to foster home standards, a foster parent handbook, and the rights and responsibilities of foster parents and children guides.

Austin Angels

Austin Angels is an organization that works to help foster children and the families who serve them with resources, family relationships, and mentorship. In fact, volunteers provide practical daily resources, gifts for children and families, and mentorship programs. This organization uses the community to work together to offer education, advocacy, and physical resources to provide foster families with the necessities to succeed.

Find More Resources fir Foster Parents

Providing children with foster care in a time of need does not only offer shelter for a short period of time. Indeed, foster care gives hope, love, and a life-changing experience to a child who desperately needs support. To learn more about becoming involved in the foster care system, contact us or visit our blog.