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A foster care family cookbook is a fun and practical way to bond with your foster children and encourage healthy eating. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Making Your Own Foster Care Family Cookbook

How to Make Your Foster Care Family Cookbook:

Have fun collaborating with your foster kids on the contents and design. You can browse online for ideas and ask your loved ones and other families if they’ve done anything similar. The recipes can come from your own background and from your foster children’s favorite dishes. You can also add in new discoveries that emerge as you experiment together in your own kitchen. Be sure to include images and stories and quotes to make it more interesting. Talk about the meaning a certain dish has for you as part of a special occasion or weekly rituals. Humor is always a nice touch too. Focus on healthy and affordable eating. Cover a range of simple dishes with steps where foster kids of all ages can pitch in.

How to Use Your Foster Care Family Cookbook:

You can publish your cookbook online or in print or make it available in both formats. Online is cheaper, but print versions don’t need to cost much either. They also create a tangible memento that your foster care family can cherish and give to other family members and friends, with a chance to sign their copies and write a personal inscription. When they’re ready to get cooking, people may be comfortable just following recipes on their phone or tablet, or they may like a printout. Consider laminating your print version to keep it clean longer. On the other hand, a little wear on a cookbook just shows that it’s well loved and often needed. And that might be just the right theme for your foster care family.

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