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foster mother helping son with school work.

Helping foster son with homework sitting at desk In bedroom.

For many foster children, school isn’t a pleasant environment. There are a variety of factors that go into their school day each week. For example, they could have moved schools recently, some of the other kids at school could be bullying them about their situation, or they could be so apathetic about their future that they’re not in the right mindset to be in class.

There are a few ways you can incorporate happiness and excitement around school.

Be Interested in Their School Life

Ask your foster child questions about school. Who are their teachers? What are they like? Do they have any friends? Does anyone bully them? If the inquiries are consistent, the child will feel more comfortable answering them as time goes on. You’ll also be in the know when something terrible happens, and you can be the first one to respond and be on their side. They need help and protection when it comes to school environments.

Set up a Desk Area That’s for Homework, Reading, and Writing

Reading, writing, and completing homework is much easier when there’s a designated area in the house. This desk could be in their bedroom, in the kitchen, or a corner of the living room. Whatever it takes to make it work. Encourage them to use headphones if their work area isn’t isolated from others in the house. Just ensure they’re comfortable to keep working.

Spend Time Learning With Them

Everyone knows life gets busy, but children only get a small amount of quality time with their guardians. When you’ve got time with them, watch some enticing shows or documentaries where you can learn something together, take them out on walks in nature or to the zoo where they can observe animals and their environment. These trips would be great times to talk to them about everything going on as well.

Learn More About School for Foster Children

No matter what path you choose to take, ensure you’re doing the best you can for your foster children. You have the most significant impact on their life because you control where they will live and what they will have for each meal. They’re dependent on you, and it’s important to remind them they are both safe and supported in your household. For more information on fostering, contact us.