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When Your Foster Child Is Afraid of the Dark

Dark bedroom with night light projecting stars on room ceiling.

Many children go through a stage when they’re afraid of the dark. Thus, it’s something you might run into when you become a foster parent. Try these tips to help your foster child to feel more secure and get a good night’s sleep.

Quiet Down at Bedtime

Scary movies and active games may stimulate a child’s imagination too much. Create soothing nighttime rituals like warm baths and happy bedtime stories. Young children may also enjoy sleeping with a comfort object like their favorite blanket or a cute stuffed animal. You can also offer rewards for good behavior. For example, an extra story on the nights they get ready for bed without procrastinating.

Provide Empathy

Would you rather have someone dismiss your concerns or help you to resolve them? Your foster kids will probably appreciate the same consideration. While you don’t have to agree that there are any monsters living in your home, you can validate their feelings and provide reassurance. Talk about similar experiences you had growing up and how you dealt with them. Invite them to join you as you inspect closets and look under the bed just to make sure it’s all clear.

Turn up the Lights

While a dark bedroom creates a better environment for restful sleep, you might need to make that a goal you approach gradually. Until then, try negotiating to leave their bedroom door cracked open so they get a little light from the stairs. There are also lots of small night lights in fun shapes that won’t brighten their bedroom too much. Even if progress seems slow, remember that most kids will outgrow their fear of the dark before their tenth birthday.

Find More Tips If Your Foster Child Is Afraid of the Dark

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